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What is aging at home? It’s what many older adults desire as they get older. They want to stay in the house, neighborhood, and town/city that’s familiar. They don’t want to pack up their items and move somewhere new.

Aging at home is possible, but it can take some planning. Your parents may be fine for years. If the time comes that they do need help, it’s helpful to have a care plan mapped out. Once you know they need help, elderly care makes it easy to customize the services they need to meet their changing lifestyles.


Your mom and dad may still like doing some of the housework. Some chores may be too hard now. If your parents have a hard time carrying out the trash to the bin, caregivers can do it. They may prefer to have a caregiver push the vacuum around and vacuum the stairs.

Caregivers can wipe down surfaces with a sanitizer. They can wash the dishes or load and run the dishwasher. They can sweep and mop floors, dust furniture, and make the beds.


If carrying the hamper to the washer and dryer is too hard for your mom and dad, hire a caregiver to do the laundry. Caregivers can wash and dry the clothes, fold and iron the different items, and put them where they go.

Caregivers can change and launder the sheets and towels each week. While waiting on the wash, they can change the bedding and make the bed.

Meal Preparation

When arthritis pain makes it hard to stand and cook a meal, it’s better to have caregivers cook meals. Caregivers can talk to your mom and dad about the meals they love. They’ll create shopping lists after looking at inventories in the pantry, cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer. They can even take your parents shopping.


Transportation services are helpful when your mom and dad’s doctors recommend they stop driving. Vision impairment, lack of mobility, and slowed cognitive skills are all reasons they may have to give up the keys.

With elderly care aides providing safe rides around town, your parents still get to go out. They don’t have to risk their safety getting behind the wheel. Caregivers can drive them to stores, senior centers, and medical offices.

How do you arrange elderly care? Call a local agency and ask a specialist about the services and rates in your parents’ town. Once you have an idea of what is available. You’ll narrow down the care plan to meet their needs. Call an elderly care agency to get started.

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