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Every 40 seconds, a person in the U.S. suffers a stroke. Most of those strokes are ischemic, which means a blockage blocks blood flow. The other type of stroke (hemorrhagic) occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures.

When a stroke occurs, the recovery takes time. A lot of it comes down to the severity and how quickly medical treatment was given. Paralysis is a common symptom and usually affects one side of the body. Numbness and pain may occur in the hands and feet. Cognitive skills, loss of speech skills, incontinence, depression, and difficulty eating are also problems.

When your mom or dad has a stroke, you need to talk to the doctors. Depending on the severity, your parent may never return to normal. There may be a need for a wheelchair or walker for months or years. Your parent’s doctor may give your family two options. One is to have your parent go into a nursing home setting for rehabilitation. If you prefer to have your parent recover at home, home health care is essential.

IVs and Injections

If your parent needs IV treatments for fluids or medications, has a feeding tube, or is getting medications through an injection, you’re not trained to help. You need a nurse who knows how to give the injection or set up an IV.

Home health care nurses can insert the IV, change the fluids, add medications, and give injections as needed. It saves time and keeps you from having to go to a clinic or doctor’s office for these treatments.

Therapeutic Services at Home

With home health care, physical and occupational therapists come to your parent’s house. The comfortable setting is going to reduce stress and make it easier on your mom or dad. Quality care is still offered, but you avoid needing to help your parent get in and out of the car and to and from buildings.

Wound Care

Not every stroke requires surgery, but some do and that complicates care. If your parent had a surgical procedure, wound care is essential. Wounds need to be kept clean to prevent infection. You’re not trained for this, and that can make it challenging. Instead, hire home health care nurses to keep wounds clean and manage bandage changes. A nurse also knows what to look for when it comes to the early warning signs of infection.

Your mom or dad’s doctor may have suggestions on who to call to arrange home health care. It’s more likely that you’ll be handed a printout and told to find someone on your own. The stress of your parent’s stroke is hard enough. Choose the best home health care nurses by having a list of questions ready to ask and see what you think when the specialist answers them.


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